Cutting Sword

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Cutting Sword

711.34 508.40 ex VAT
605.00 inc VAT

Purchased from an end of line factory as a one-off batch, these simple sharp steel swords are ideal as a club cutting sword or as a personal piece for Tameshigiri.

Wrapped with cotton Ito over genuine Samé, these swords feature blackened steel Kiku (Chrysanthemum) Tsuba, Jidai style Tensho hilt fittings with classic file line detailing, and black Ishime (matte) Saya.

The blades are forged from T-10 high carbon steel, tempered for hardness, and have a cosmetic Hamon created by etching.

Blade proportions and geometry are good, with clean lines, and a well proportioned and even Sori in the blade portion.  A slight over exaggeration of the angle of the Nakago detracts slightly from the overall shape.  

All in all, these swords are a good practical cutting solution.  They lack the finesse seen in the manufacture of a Japanese Shinken or Iaito, but with the demand for cutting swords we felt they would be a worthwhile batch to provide for those looking to perform some test cutting at a realistic price point.

Features Include:

Sharp Steel Blade – Solid steel blade (No Hi) Available in 2.40 & 2.45 Shaku sizes.

Approximate weight – 1100-1200g without Saya.

Hamon – Etched temper line.

Ha (Cutting Edge) – Sharp.

Tsuka length – 28cm.

Tsuka Ito (Hilt Binding) – Black cotton Hineri Maki wrap.

Natural Samé – White ray skin.

Tsuba (Guard) - Blackened cast steel Kiku.

Fuchi/Kashira & Menuki (Hilt Fittings) – Tensho hilt fittings with dragon theme Menuki.

Habaki & Seppa - Polished brass.

Saya (Scabbard) - Black Ishime (matt).

Please note - these swords do not include a stand.

LEAD TIME: 2 weeks



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