Aikido Hakama - Fudou Aizome: Fixed Indigo #11'000

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Aikido Hakama - Fudou Aizome: Fixed Indigo #11'000

106.72 ex VAT
127.00 inc VAT

A first of its kind and a classic in the making, this 100% natural cotton Hakama in rich indigo blue does not bleed dye, a stark contrast to other Aizome Hakama on the market.

The Japanese characters for Fudou indicate immoveable as in Fudoshin (immoveable mind). This fixed indigo dye Hakama is beautifully made from top quality #11'000 Cotton and incorporates many special features specifically for Aikido.

Fudou Aizome - Fixed Indigo Dye - No more stained Aikido Gi, mats or training partners. For many years customers have asked us for a blue heavy cotton Aiki Hakama which doesn't bleed dye and here it is!

Best Quality - Miyabi specialise in top quality clothing for Kendo, Iaido and Aikido. Fabric quality, manufacturing methods and final finishes are all top priority and this model delivers on every front.

Aikido Features - Almost too many to mention! Special Aikido features include a flexible Koshi Ita (back plate), extra long reinforced Himo (4.60m front, 2.30m back), partial stitched pleats and reinforced side vents.




Hakama Embroidery: 10-14 Working Days



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106.72 ex VAT 127.00 inc VAT

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I have wanted a cotton indigo hakama for so long but the bleed made me hesitate.
This one realy does not bleed at all.
I like it alot more than the tetron and polyester ones I have used.
The help I got from customer service with size was excellent. It fit so well.
I went for 3 cm embroidery and it is big. I would have gone for a smaller font if I would have seen it but that’s on me.
Very pleased. Realy nice. Feels so authentic. I hope it ages nicely

When I started to wear a Hakama I had one of cotton. But it became a little too short, and I have used a cotton/polyester - Not bad but I missed the feeling from the cotton-made.
I now bought this Fixed Indigo #11,000 - And I cannot be more pleased!

The Hakama is by far the best thing I've ever seen !!!
First of all, it's a high quality 11´000 cotton version and although it's a dense cloth, it still falls softly. The next positive element for me are the Himo. I do Kendo and the Kendo-Himo are usually much shorter. But I can just recommend this Hakama to every Kendoka! Because the cut of the Hakama is completely identical to the KendoHakama, but the longer Himo provide a much better fit, even as you have to learn a new stile to tie it :-)). And of course I think it's great that the cloth doesn't dye and the wrinkles are partially fixed.
Well, of course I didn't know what to expect when I bought it. But I am absolutely happy about this purchase!

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