Oil Cloth

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\ 6.00 inc VAT
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Oil Cloth

5.04 ex VAT
6.00 inc VAT

Soft cotton cloth for the application of oil to sword blades.

Supplied in a handy container, this cloth can be pre-prepared with sword oil and cleanly carried to and from the Dojo for regular oil application after training.

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5.04 ex VAT 6.00 inc VAT

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Cloth in pot
Nice inexpensive item. I have one for oiling the iaito, and one for jittekou nugui!

Oil Cloth
It holds oil really well and appeared to be more durable than I imagined. Good item to buy

Sturdy cloth
I have been using one paper for 6 months now. Gets dirty, but is easy to clean. Also retains the oil really well and gives a nice and even spread of oil on the sword

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