Iaido Obi - Elasticised

40.34 ex VAT
\ 48.00 inc VAT
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Iaido Obi - Elasticised

40.34 ex VAT
48.00 inc VAT

New Stock ETA: 20th June!

This elasticated Obi is a very comfortable traditional style Obi which wraps around the body two to three times, creating the desired layered structure to better secure your Hakama.


Available in black and white colour options, these Obi are crafted from a specially sourced elasticated fabric which has an inbuilt stretch.


The stretch helps to create a firm wrap around the body and is especially favoured by some top level Iaidoka due to the way the material grips and supports the Saya.


This Obi is also particularly suited to practitioners with a larger body shape and for ladies with more prominent hips where the grip of the Obi helps to prevent passive movement during practice.


These Obi are 8cm in width and 400cm in length.


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40.34 ex VAT 48.00 inc VAT

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No traditional obi when I had to order, so I chose this and I'm very happy to have dare to try this obi ! You can tighten it very well and keep a good sayabiki result. It hold very well above my hips and keep the hakama in place as good as a traditional one.

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