Deer Leather Tenouchigawa

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Deer Leather Tenouchigawa

From  35.29 ex VAT
From  42.00 inc VAT

A pair of top quality replacement tanned deer leather Kote palms. 

Tanned deer leather is considered to be the ideal balance between comfort of fit and durability.  The tanning process, which produces the classic tan brown colouration, improves the toughness of the palm material, extending palm lifespan at the expense of a slight reduction in softness and stretch.

Kote Tenouchigawa (palm leather) are one of the most heavily worn parts of any Bogu set due to regular saturation of sweat from the hands and the continual friction of damp leather palms against the leather of the Shinai grip (Tsukagawa).

Natural leather Tenouchi-gawa (also known as Tenouchikawa) are also particularly susceptible to the effects of force drying, both intentional and unintentional. Direct heat or hot environmental conditions cause the thin leather to dry rapidly which causes the natural oils of the leather to be lost, leaving a desiccated material which can lead to cracking, a loss of flexibility and premature wear due to friction.

If your palms have worn thin or have developed a hole, palm replacement might be the perfect solution to breath some life back into your Kote.

You can check out how to change your Kote in this video tutorial.


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35.29 ex VAT 42.00 inc VAT

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Great tenouchi, very soft and cut to the perfect size to replace on my kote.

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