Samue Set

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Samue Set

71.43 ex VAT
85.00 inc VAT

New Stock Due: Mid-Late August

Often worn as traditional style casual wear in Japan, Samue originated as comfortable yet simple monk’s working uniform for daily duties.


100% cotton, in a soft, light-weight denim material which balances comfort with durability.  This Samue set consists of a comfortable, wrap over style jacket with internal fastening ties and drawstring waist trousers complete with pockets and fold over ankle ties.


In addition to casual use, Samue are utilised in many traditional arts such as Zen meditation, Shodo calligraphy, Ikebana flower arrangement and even some classical Bujutsu Ryuha such as Miyamoto Musashi’s Niten Ichi Ryu.




Personal Embroidery: 10-14 Working Days



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71.43 ex VAT 85.00 inc VAT

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This denim Samue set does shrink a little [as expected] on first wash, so bear that in mind when it arrives. The LL size is good fit for 6'. It is excellent quality.

This top quality Miyabi samue I enjoy wearing very much. It’s so comfortable that I wear it most days, both in and out of the house. A very well made and finished garment, it washes well on a cold/cool wash and softens after the first wash. Due to the natural indigo dye used, wash it separately from other items. The colour does not bleed or stain from the fabric once it’s dry (my still perfectly white sofa is proof of no staining).
Thanks to Martyn and the Nine Circles team for their help and excellent service provided in a fast and efficient delivery to my home in Spain. Highly recommended.

Had this samue for a few weeks now and find it excellent. Very well made and comfortable to wear. During this time of mainly staying at home, it is being well used.
Would highly recommend this item.

Fantastic quality garments, perfect for casual workwear. I have a couple of the ‘Wabi Sabi’ samue that I bought in Japan but haven’t been able to find anywhere that sold them in the UK until now! I have to say I think these Miyabi samue are of a superior quality to my old ones. Fantastic customer service and great communication. Thanks again.

Samue set
Thank you for the excellent Samue set which I have just purchased. Your staff were very helpful when advising about sizing. The garments are well made, good finishing and attention to detail. I am very happy and would recommend this product wholeheartedly. Thank you.

Excellent Service
Many thanks for wonderful delivery of suit I ordered on Tuesday and received it on Thursday... great product very pleased with it ..

Samue Set
Martyn at Nine Circles provides excellent service. He responded all my emails promptly and clearly. I told Martyn that I needed to receive this samue in less than a week. It was hard for him to make any promises because once the package gets into Customs you never know how long it will take to clear. I decided to give it a try regardless. I placed the order on Monday morning, he sent it that same day, gave me the tracking number and I had the samue in my hands on Thursday that same week!!

Japanese Samue Set
Miyabi is a good clothing brand, and this is the brand of the Samue Set I received from Nine Circles. It's a high quality indigo denim, the same traditional style Zen Buddhist monks wear for work and casual wear. It's comfortable for meditation as well, very roomy and softer after the first wash (denim is naturally heavier material, but it's as comfortable as any yoga/meditation clothes after the first wash). I was surprised to receive the shipment so fast, going from England to the west coast of the U.S. It took less than a week and was exactly what I ordered. Very professional, knowledgeable, friendly staff. I highly recommend this business.

Samue set
Although the one arrived was Miyabi and not Wabisabi as per labelled as illustrated (I bought a Wabisabi in Tokyo earlier and so know this maker - alternative name for samue is jimbei). The Miyabi, however is equally a good product, if not better. The Indigo Blue colour is traditional for Japanese monk's work-wear and so was pleased to receive this. I even took it to Japan last visit, to wear arond the house in the mornings... evenings, I prefer to wear kimono or tanzan, depending upon the weather. Although the samue set may appear a litle expensive, it is good quality manufacture as one would expect from Japan (the wabisabi is made in China). One little tip though, because of the cloth being indigo dyed, do not machine wash at a high temperature.

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