Hakama - Fudou Fixed Indigo #11'000

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Hakama - Fudou Fixed Indigo #11'000

106.72 ex VAT
127.00 inc VAT

Deluxe Miyabi Fudou Aizome #11000 fixed indigo Hakama.


Have you always wanted a top quality Aizome Hakama but wish you didn’t have to manage the idiosyncrasies of managing un-fixed indigo dye?  If so, your dreams have come true with the Miyabi Fudou Aizome Hakama.


The Fudou Aizome model utilises the same high quality fabric as Miyabi's Bushu Aizome dyed Gokujo Jirushi model, but with the thread being dyed specially to a deep indigo colour with a strongly fixed direct dye.


Exquisite quality, this fabric has a high thread count of #11000, indicating a greater density of fine quality threads, maximising the appearance and consistency of the finished fabric and resulting in the outstanding texture and performance.


With a classic cut this Hakama also features partially stitched in pleats to better retain the internal lines of the folds and ensure the Hakama looks at its best in heavy use.


An innovative, fine quality Kendo Hakama with an ultra-traditional appearance, this exceptional model will last a lifetime of practice with proper care.




Hakama Embroidery: 10-14 Working Days



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106.72 ex VAT 127.00 inc VAT

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Super produit

Fast delivery, and a great product. If feels very comfortable, very strong but very light to wear. And the "flush" sound is perfect! I thought I would have more trouble to fold it, but the inner stitch behind the plates make it very easy to handle. I have only used it once, but for now it is a five stars purchase.

Incredibly high quality Hakama for the price ! Forget about Tozando, eBogu, All Japan Budogu... you would pay almost twice the price for the equivalent quality. NINE CIRCLES RULES !!!

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